SIIU is small team investigative unit -that has grown into a very capable force-  it was started in the 1980s as abuse victims (of Satanic Ritual Abuse 'SRA' 'MPD') began to arrive. After hearing the stories of hundreds of victims (and how traumatizing, dark, bizarre, organized, demonic and criminal it is) was necessary to 'track down' 'investigate' and 'verify' the information they were giving us. All of this has lead to over 35 years of investigating this very dark underground and verifying its national and global existence. The current Core Team is at the forefront of the mission but we count on the hundreds-thousands who pray, help and inform. We now have many more applicants who are in training to join the Core Team and we now have a host of friends we network with.

Staff (Core Team Members) and other workers TBA/ listed

Along with over 1000 prayer intercessors and friends who help

More applicants to this Core Team are in process