Pre-Sale 30% ONLY... Small Delay on pre-sale
Direct orders from publisher..around Oct 14th 2017
copies will be release asap I get them from the publisher(update Publisher Oct 14th/ 5-7 days shipping Pre-Orders usually are from 30-60 days... we are seeking for 45, may be about 50 days... (Amazon pre-sales 2-4 months)
the orders will be shipped asap.... I will put up notification.. I will not have them until Oct 14th.
pre-sale will continue until Oct. 14th.. order here
We still have a.....Small delay (updated 9/30/17) Still quicker than Amazon pre-sale.. but with extras too!

Please note: Pre-Orders can take 30-60 days (Amazon sometimes 4 months) and it was my goal to have it here ready to send in 30. However with extra days at the Idaho conference and I decided to add 6 appendix chapters A1 'An overview of the 5As in spiritual warfare' and A2 'Occult investigation introduction and demonic interference' the books will not be to our offices from the publisher until Oct. 14th On Publisher site Oct 15th
New Book by Russ .. pre sales
Direct orders from publisher will begin on ..Oct 14th
These pre sale discounted books will be to our offices asap... Publisher
will have them by Oct 14th then 
( I should have them Oct 10th....then we will ship them to you asap we get them
We have all the packaging ready, book will by signed by Russ
Untill Oct 14th  30% OFF PRE SALE
as we wait for final publication click here

I am also adding 4 one hour audio/mp3s that are tailored to this book EXPELLING DARKNESS. I am also announcing that I will have 4 nights  live online class time with this book for chat Q&A on this book. See here / Oct 24th

This live chat Q&A will also be 'live streamed' free   come to this site for update and how to watch and listen.... and bring your questions

See here   / Oct 24th

The Pre Sale will only go on until ct 10th with 30% discount, then off to the publisher site with 10-15% off

This is extra and I felt I needed to quickly add this.